Symphysis Medical

Developing innovative technologies that treat a broad range of chronic diseases.


CEO and Co-founder Tim Jones 

CSO and Co-founder Michelle Tierney

Tim Jones and Michelle Tierney are co-founders of SymPhysis Medical.  Founded in 2019, SymPhysis Medical first came in contact with Furthr when they applied for the One2Watch competition as a part of Furthr’s annual conference, Furthr Festival (formerly Futurescope). Michelle and Tim demonstrated a clear market and clinical need and have gone on to build out a strong team and win numerous industry awards. 

SymPhysis Medical’s emergent technology, Releaze, is a drainage technology to treat a common complication of late-stage cancers known as malignant pleural effusion (MPE).  MPE causes significant shortness of breath and chest pain in up to 15% of patients with cancer.  SymPhysis Medical’s goal is to develop innovative technologies that treat a broad range of chronic diseases.  

To help achieve this goal, Furthr VC  assisted SymPhysis Medical in raising more than €1.9m in funding in April 2022.  The Investment round was led by the Halo Business Angel Network (HBAN), and a joint initiative of Enterprise Ireland, InterTradeIreland and Invest Northern Ireland.  Business angels in three HBAN syndicates–the Medtech Syndicate, Irrus Investments and Boole Investment Syndicate–invested a combined €925,000, alongside Furthr VC, Enterprise Ireland and a private investor.

With this funding, SymPhysis Medical is able to continue putting the patient experience at the forefront of their design solutions to improve quality of life.

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