Furthr’s Investor Network

Furthr Investor Network is a new private investor network offering full-service investment experience designed for sophisticated investors. We provide a comprehensive suite of services, including deal sourcing, due diligence, investment management, and ongoing support.

Who We Are

Furthr Investor Network is a private investor network that aims to provide a complete investment experience for sophisticated investors. Our services are designed to be hassle-free, covering all aspects from identifying investment opportunities to providing legal support and ongoing assistance.

What sets us apart is our vast network of private investors who possess in-depth industry knowledge, experience, and sales channel access which is utilized on a deal-by-deal basis. Furthermore, we collaborate and co-invest with our sister company, FurthrVC, whenever it makes sense.

Our team is made up of seasoned executives, successful entrepreneurs, and multinational managers who use their industry and sector-specific knowledge to benefit our investors and investee companies.

We provide experienced investors who are interested in investing in high-growth start-ups with access to diverse national and international investment options, as well as the necessary resources and support to make successful investments. 

We focus on providing access to curated, later-stage deal flow in emerging  sectors including Enterprise SaaS,AI and MedTech. In addition, we host regular events for networking and to hear the ongoing experience from portfolio companies.

The Furthr Investor Network is not a managed fund (we do not provide investment advice) and, as private investors, individuals make their own decision to invest on a deal by deal basis.

4 Stages of the Entrepreneurial Journey


Explore & Design

You have the seed of a great business idea. You recognise/have identified a problem that needs solving. You may or may or not have a solution in mind which will solve this problem. You need to develop the ability to analyse the problem in greater depth and to understand the core elements that will shape Minimum Viable Product (MVP) which you will design and test with key stakeholders in your potential business’s ecosystem. 


Validate & Evaluate

From the discovery you have done in the Explore & Design phase, you will complete your MVP and refined your value proposition and potential business models. You need to develop the ability to robustly test this in market with early adopters, evaluate the markets responses to it and adjust/iterate to work towards initial product market fit and a strong V1 of your product/service. You will commence preparing for investor contact


Launch & Execute

From the validation done in the Validate & Execute phase you have validated strong initial product market fit for your product/service and have a strong V1 of your product or service. You are now raising or have raised a seed investment round and are proactively selling your product or service to early customers in your serviceable obtainable marketYou need to build out your core team and optimise your operations You need to develop compelling investor documentation which will wow investors at due diligence stage. 


Grow & Scale

You have a clearly defined commercial/technical roadmap for your business. You are continually improving your product/service offering and optimising your sales approach. You need to develop your network and operational capability to enable your organisation to grow exponentially and internationally 

Meet the Investor Network Team

John Phelan

Niamh Sterling

Fiona Nagle

Siobhan Killen

Niamh Sterling

Siobhan Killen

Furthr’s Investor Network

Furthr Investment Network  is led by a group of experience professionals who bring diverse business expertise and skills, including deal analysis and origination. Furthr has been managing investor networks for more than 30 years and has been a pioneer in the Irish investor network industry.

The team has been instrumental in the All-Island HBAN program, which has successfully completed over 80 deals annually and has invested more than €30m. In total, the HBAN program has invested over €170m from private investors into more than 700 deals and exits with renowned companies such as Decawave ($400m), Glofox (€200m plus), Aventamed (undisclosed), Boxever (€130m) and several others. We possess extensive knowledge of both domestic and international investment environments, and we are enthusiastic about discovering and supporting innovative ideas and technologies.

Our team comprises accomplished professionals with vast networks and proven track records. We take pride in our transparency and cooperation.

Investor Criteria


We are looking for experienced investors with deep domain knowledge and the willingness to share that knowledge by advising investee companies at a strategic level.


Investors should be looking for de-risked opportunities at a later stage (i.e. €2-5M raise) with the intent to invest in 3-5 businesses over 3 years.


Furthr will provide investment opportunities, but all investments decisions are made on an individual basis and there is no commitment to invest by joining the network. Opportunities are shared across the group so that each member has the opportunity but not the obligation to invest.

Invite Only

Furthr Investment Network is currently invite only. If you would like to find out more or be informed when membership opens please connect with us.   

Company Criteria

Furthr Investment Network looks at a wide range of deal flow and each company is assessed on a case-by-case basis and on their individual merits but broadly we a looking for:

If those initial criteria are met, we evaluate companies on the following criteria:

We do not accept unsolicited pitch decks or business plans. If you wish to be considered by Furthr Investment Network, please complete the application form found here. (Link to DEALUM form)

How it Works

Furthr Investment Network provides a full service offering from deal flow to investment management.

Our team of experienced professionals will source high-quality deal flow, complete due diligence, and identify which opportunities best match member investment preferences.

We have employed the use of two key platforms to manage the investment journey for all our members:

Dealum: Our member platform which provides access to all investment opportunities including due diligence documents, collection of interest and commitment information and ongoing investment updated and communications.

Funderbeam: Deal transactions will take place on Funderbeam, a private platform which manages all the legal and administrative portions of deal completion in one place.

Get in touch with the Investor Network team

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Eugene Smyth

Investment Partner at Furthr

Eugene is an Investment Manager for Furthr Managed Funds, including the €53m AIB Seed Capital Fund where he manages the fast-growth technology portfolio. He has been a retained management consultant in the venture capital industry for over 15 years and is a consultant on a variety of European Commission initiatives for cross-border investment and technology-led programmes. His specialist areas include telecoms, new media, ICT, eCommerce, games and emerging platform technologies.

Saurabh Kumar

Investment Associate at Furthr VC

Saurabh is an Associate at Furthr VC. His role focuses on the origination, evaluation and execution of early-stage investment opportunities, leveraging deep knowledge of the ICT, IoT, Fintech, and AI sectors.

Previously an Investment Research Analyst at HBAN, prior to this Saurabh was a Senior Analyst in the global investment firm BNY Mellon, where he worked on a diverse range of technologies (Startups and Enterprises) used in financial institutions and led data science R&D projects for the BNY Mellon clients.

Saurabh holds a 1st class honours degree in Electronics Engineering with specialisation in Signal Processing & Wireless Communication from VIT, India and a 1st class MSc degree in Quantitative Finance from UCD Smurfit Business School and Yale School of Management.

Colm O'Sullivan

Managing Partner , Furthr VC

Colm is a Managing Partner at Furthr VC. He has over 10 years’ experience in venture capital and private equity, investing in companies across Europe and North America. Colm has a passion for working with entrepreneurs and management teams to successfully grow and scale companies.

Previously Colm was a Ventures Principal at OGCI Climate Investments, a $1B+ fund that invests in solutions to decarbonise the energy, industrial, and commercial transportation sectors. Prior to this Colm was an Investment Professional at Pioneer Point Partners, a pan-European private equity investor focused on the energy and environment sectors.

Colm holds a BSc (Hons) degree in Finance from University College Cork and an MSc in Philosophy of the Social Sciences from the London School of Economics.

Richard Watson

Managing Partner, Furthr VC

Richard is Managing Partner of Furthr VC, one of the most active early-stage VC investors in the country. He has worked in venture capital for over 15 years and, prior to this, spent almost a decade in industry in R&D and operations in the medical device and semiconductor industries in Sweden, Ireland and the US.

Richard has a 1st class honours degree in Electronic Engineering from Trinity College Dublin, a Research M.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering from Trinity College Dublin and a 1st class MBA from Durham University.

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