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1st March, 2024

Guinness Enterprise Centre 

Furthr Founders @ GEC

On May 9th Furthr hosted the first in person Funding & Scaling in 4 years!

In 2024, Furthr launched Furthr Founders @ GEC, an exclusive Founders-only peer-to-peer networking event. This event is designed to foster a strong community among the Furthr-supported founders, providing them with a safe space to share their stories and experiences.

At our first-ever Furthr Founders @ GEC event that took place on 1st March at the Guinness Enterprise Centre, founders engaged in active discussions with peers on topics relevant to their start-ups and personal journeys as entrepreneurs. 

Wallace Corporate Counsel, a boutique law firm specialising in corporate and commercial transactions, delivered a keynote on ‘What every Founder should know before they take on investment‘. 

The attendees then joined different round tables chaired by fellow founders on the following topics:

  • PSSF & Seedcorn –  applications and process
  • Cracking the difficult to crack – Edtech market
  • The value & lessons learnt from bootstrapping prior to fundraising
  • From PSSF to HPSU – meeting milestones
  • Growing your business on TikTok to over 1 million euros in revenue
  • Converting pilot customers to paying customers
  • Corporate Finance for aspiring growth companies
  • 10 mistakes Founders make when seeking investment


Following a strong volume of applications for this year’s competition our expert panel of judges here at Furthr have selected five companies that we think have the ambition, vision and opportunity to scale to become the Furthr Festival One2Watch 2022. 

Your application should clearly outline how the potential to scale can be realised.
5 finalists will get their opportunity to pitch their business idea on stage at Furthr Festival where 1,600 of those most involved in Ireland’s tech and start-up ecosystem converge to explore business and collaboration opportunities arising from emerging technologies. Finalists will also receive exhibition space at Furthr Festival.
Not only that but the winner takes away a prize fund worth €10,000 that includes:

A place on the Go Furthr Programme

Office space at Guinness Enterprise Centre

Access to free legal consultancy with OBH Partners

Access to the Furthr Investor network

€5,000 cash prize

How to Apply

Applicants can either record a video or complete a written application form. Videos should be no longer than 7 minutes and written applications should not be more than 200 words per question. All entries should cover the following:

*video upload capacity is 100MB 

Meet the Finalists

Data Science Institute 

Founder, Grainne Barry – The Data Science Institute’s mission is to provide education and certification for data science professionals to enable them to successfully contribute their skills and knowledge to business and society as a whole.


Founder, Gavin Duffy – We enable media businesses to stay on track and stay on budget. With our SaaS platform, media organisations can efficiently manage projects, budgets, and suppliers – deriving an ROI of up to 9% savings on annual budgets.


Founder, Fergal Brady – NoFrixion provides electronic money management and payment services, or colloquially, programmable money. The services are targeted at business customers and are delivered using a variety of Internet mechanisms including a web-based API. 

Pilot Path 

Founder, Craig Lancaster- is on a mission to make an impact on the aviation training industry and to help solve the future global pilot shortage. We are actively breaking down the barriers of exclusion often related to flight training through providing and managing our students path from zero to first officer.


Founders, David Walsh, Niall Kelly  & Dr. Johnny Walker. – HaloCare aims to support home carers and revolutionise the senior care sector. Core to the HaloCare offering is a range of unintrusive, contactless technologies installed in the home. The result is around the clock support system for older people, their carers, and their circle of care.

Past finalists have raised a staggering 69 million in under 5 years.

This includes:

Finalists will be announced by Sept 30th.

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