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What to know about start-up funding in Ireland?
Ireland, with its vibrant start-up ecosystem and a range of funding options, offers an ideal environment for entrepreneurs.
Understanding the importance of a business model
For a start-up, having a solid business model is essential for strategic planning, resource allocation, and long-term viability.
Understanding the A to Z of Start-Up Funding Rounds
Each start-up will have a different funding journey based on its sector, maturity and development at various stages.
Should you patent a Business Idea in Ireland?
A strong patent portfolio can increase margins, attract investors, and strengthen your strategy.
How Does a Business Model Work?
A business model is not just about how a company makes money; it encompasses the entire strategy and approach to creating and delivering value to customers.
What are the funding opportunities for start-ups in Ireland?
Ireland is a country known for its vibrant business ecosystem, offering a wide range of funding supports to help Irish businesses drive growth and innovation.

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Furthr Festival 2022

Ireland’s premier innovation event is
back and in person for 2022
Convention Centre Dublin
Fri 21 October 2022

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