An innovative Learning Management System (LMS) In 2020 LearnUpon raised $56m adding 100 jobs to their international team.

Founder: Brendan Noud Founder and CEO

Brendan Noud is the founder and CEO of LearnUpon, an innovative Learning Management System (LMS) that provides companies all the tools they need to provide effective training that can help their business grow. The LearnUpon LMS can streamline and centralize the training process across an organization.

LearnUpon is a cloud-based Learning Management System that allows businesses to train their employees, customers, and partners. Since its launch in June 2012, LearnUpon has seen rapid success, thanks to their easy-to-use platform and their 24/7 customer support. Currently, the system has 1,000 global companies as its users.

In 2012, Brendan partnered with Furthr with the goal of becoming a High Potential Start-Up supported by Enterprise Ireland. Furthr provided advice and support to help him create a business plan that would be attractive to potential investors. Through 47 hours of consultation and mentorship, the LearnUpon team was able to achieve remarkable success in 2020, raising $56 million and adding 100 jobs to their staff. The Irish ed-tech company is now headquartered in Dublin, with additional offices located in Philadelphia, Sydney, and Belgrade, employing 180 people across their network.


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