Nua Fertility

An award-winning start-up that supports fertility through research-based product development

Founder: Deborah Brock Founder and CEO

Deborah Brock is founder and CEO of Nua Fertility, an award-winning start-up that supports fertility through research-based product development.  Inspired by a personal experience, Deborah’s mission is to highlight the importance of the microbiome and its impact on bodies, health, and fertility for both men and women.  

Deborah was introduced to Furthr in 2019 after an initial engagement with the Enterprise Ireland start-up division.  Like most start-ups in specialised areas like fertility and health, Nua Fertility came up against many roadblocks.  Furthr was there to offer Deborah guidance through the most difficult times by working with her to gain clarity around the technology and commercialisation of products. Funding validation, regulatory approval, and funding options were also explored.

Deborah spent more than 64 hours in consultation with Furthr and Heidi Corr, and Go Furthr fully supported Deborah during the Nua Fertility business plan development. Nua Fertility has since launched products into the market, and has raised funding to support product development.  Since working with Furthr, Deborah has built a strong brand that is steeped in community, while maintaining her sense of purpose along the way.  Find out more about Nua Fertility’s experience working with Furthr in this short testimonial video.


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