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Furthr with Founders S3, Ep. 03
Deirdre Lyons Founder and CEO of Examfly shares her exciting journey, where she moved from the corporate world into bootstrapping her business idea, getting it to market and raising funding along the way.
Furthr with Founders S3, Ep. 02
Feargal Brady joins us for a chat about his inspiring entrepreneurial journey - from his early years in the successful Blueface to his newest venture, NoFrixion.
Furthr with Founders S3, Ep. 01
Julie Garland tells her story of breaking through barriers and glass ceilings in a male-dominated industry as well as leading and pacing the way for the future of Drone training. Richard Watson of Furthr VC also joins them for an investors perspective.
Furthr with Founders S2, Ep. 11
In this episode, we are talking about Space - the opportunities and issues as we look to explore the final frontier. The opportunities and challenges are endless and as we think about mankind's desire to expand to the Moon, to Mars and beyond.
Furthr with Founders S2, Ep. 10
In this episode, we are talking about a new virtual world and what it means. David Palmer, author of a new book called Reality+ makes a very interesting case that virtual realities are genuine realities, and have as much meaning as anything that happens in the physical world.
Furthr with Founders S2, Ep. 9
In this episode we are delving into innovations in healthcare and specifically talking about The Innovation Exchange Programme and their new open call which is for Transformative Solutions in Healthcare.

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An innovative Learning Management System (LMS) In 2020 LearnUpon raised $56m adding 100 jobs to their international team.

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An innovative digital health software company that leverages technology to support hospital-at-home and self-management care models.

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An education technology start-up that seeks to disrupt the market in professional skills and training.

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