Ready, Set, Go Furthr

Ready, Set, Go Furthr is a one-day interactive workshop to help ambitious founders get started on the right path. 

Convention Centre, Dublin
Fri 21 October 2022

Furthr empowers entrepreneurs to start and scale new businesses by providing access to the funding, programmes and connections required to advance their ambitions. Since 1988, Furthr have helped Ireland’s innovative start-up founders to raise a total of €500+ million. Over 80% of Furthr-assisted companies have secured third-party finance, and more than 500 companies have raised funding through Furthr-managed programmes.

The Ready, Set, Go Furthr programme is delivered by Furthr in partnership with Enterprise Ireland.

Ready, Set, Go Furthr is aimed at Entrepreneurs at the start of their journey, during our full day workshop, topics include:

1. Entrepreneurial mindset
2. Meaning of product-market fit
3. Lean process 
4. Customer development
5. Strategy
6. Analysis
7. Your vision 
8. The funding/support ecosystem 

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