Its game on as HoloToyz cracks US market

Irish toy-tech company HoloToyz forges exclusive partnership with Abacus Brands in the US making major inroads into the US market.

HoloToyz, the Irish toy tech company founded by husband and wife team Declan Fahy and Kate Scott, is on the verge of making major inroads into the US market through a deal with Abacus Brands.

Under the partnership deal Abacus Brands will oversee all national distribution channels for HoloToyz’s innovative range of products, which includes children’s jigsaw puzzles, magnetic cubes, books, temporary tattoos, stickers, and wall decals that come to life in 3D animation through augmented reality (AR), providing children with a captivating and child-safe exploration of animation and technology.

HoloToyz has gained global recognition through partnerships with industry giants like Paramount (Nickelodeon), with whom they have developed an award-winning range of Paw Patrol products set for a global launch.

“Abacus Brands is a powerhouse in the experiential toy industry,” said Kate Scott. “Our shared commitment to delivering unique and enchanting experiences through augmented products creates an exceptional synergy.

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with Abacus Brands as a key distributor, expanding our reach to bring joy and innovation to more children and families.”


Vision for play and learning 

The company’s vision is to enrich children’s play and learning experiences through emerging technologies, combining creativity and innovation in their product offerings.

HoloToyz has received numerous awards, including toy awards at major toy fairs and recognition for innovation in manufacturing and design.

Abacus Brands, an award-winning toy company known for its expertise in experiential toys, will leverage its extensive distribution network to introduce HoloToyz’s unique offerings to new audiences, including major platforms like Amazon.

“Our partnership with HoloToyz marks a significant milestone in our mission to bring exceptional, experiential toys to families worldwide,” said Steve Rad, CEO at Abacus Brands.

“By combining our distribution and design expertise with HoloToyz’s extensive portfolio of innovative products, we are poised to deliver unparalleled experiences to consumers across the USA and beyond.”


By John Kennedy of Think Business.


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