New Name, Same Team

A new name and color palette can make all the difference in the marketing world--rebranding is a powerful tool.

Dublin BIC has served Ireland’s most ambitious entrepreneurs since 1988, but it was time for a change. We needed our brand to better reflect our mission and our commitment to enabling founders to go Furthr, faster towards success. The start-up and scale-up businesses that we support are forward-thinking, modern, and innovative. Our brand needs to match the standards set by those we wish to serve.

Dublin BIC has secured a 92% success rate for our start-ups, and in just the last ten years helped accrue €500+ million worth of funding.  More than 100,000 hours of expert consultation has been given free of charge to some of Ireland’s most passionate entrepreneurs in order to help them reach their potential and land the investment funding they deserved.

Furthr will continue in this tradition of success.  We have chosen the name “Furthr” because it perfectly encapsulates our mission. By assisting in development, optimization, and funding at the earliest stages, we are able to give our founders the best possible chance for success.

We are here to take Ireland’s new business founders further.  

A new name and colour palette can make all the difference-rebranding is a powerful tool. Our team and, most importantly, our mission remains the same. Furthr, like Dublin BIC, is steadfast in its dedication to provide Ireland’s most innovative minds with best-in-class resources to help develop, scale, and fund their business. Some things never change.

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