Forás Capital: The Hero to Save the Roy Family’s Legacy

By Sam Batran

Entrepreneur and Managing Director of Forás Capital, Ireland’s first search fund

The Roys, the dysfunctional family from HBO’s popular series “Succession,” are struggling with succession planning, a challenge that many family-owned businesses face. As the program has shown, transferring control of a business from one generation to the next can be complicated, contentious, and full of temper tantrums. But what if there was a solution that could help the Roys avoid all that messiness?

Enter Forás Capital, Ireland’s first search fund. We are on the hunt for one well-established company on the Emerald Isle to manage and grow. And wouldn’t you know it, the Roys just happen to own a media empire that fits the bill and for the sake of the article let’s pretend that the Roy’s are based in Dublin and not NYC. Here’s how Forás Capital could be the answer to the Roy family’s succession woes:

  1. Preserving the family’s legacy

Sure, the Roys have a few screws loose, but they still care about the legacy they’ll leave behind. With Forás Capital, they can rest easy knowing that their values and traditions will be preserved by a buyer who shares their vision for the business. Plus, they might even get to keep their namesake on the building.

  1. Finding a suitable successor

Finding the right person to take over the business may be challenging, especially when working with a dysfunctional family like the Roys. But with Forás Capital, they can let someone else do the heavy lifting. And unlike the Roys, we actually care about the well-being of the employees who make the business run. No more champagne-fueled temper tantrums in the office, that is for sure.

  1. Smooth transition of operations

We’ll take over the daily operation and run the business effectively, and we definitely won’t get into shouting matches with Kendall, Shiv, and Roman over who gets to sit in the big chair. We’ll keep the business running like a well-oiled machine while the Roys focus on their hobbies, like pretending to be good parents and plotting to take down each other.

  1. Avoiding family conflict

Let’s face it, the Roys are a mess. By selling to Forás Capital, they can avoid conflicts over succession and focus on what they do best: undermining each other’s ambitions and sabotaging family gatherings. And we promise not to get caught up in their family drama.

  1. Return on investment:

Logan Roy didn’t create his media empire out of a sense of altruism. He built it with the intention of making money, and he expects a profit. With Forás Capital, he and his children can rest assured that they’ll be selling to a group of seasoned entrepreneurs and operators who are committed to growing the business and generating profits. Plus, they might even get a good deal on a new yacht, which is important for people who like to live extravagantly. But don’t worry, while they are on the yacht, we’ll make sure the employees are taken care of.

In conclusion, Forás Capital is the solution the Roys need to avoid the drama and conflict that comes with succession planning.

So, what do you think? Will the Roys sell us their company? Who knows. But one thing’s for sure: if they do, there will undoubtedly no more scheming, tears and uncomfortable family dinners.

Enjoy the rest of the season.

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