Many of the Top 10 Irish start-ups 2023 supported by Furthr*

* Top 10 Irish Start up according to LinkedIn annual report

Every year, LinkedIn publishes their Top 10 start up companies for the US and many countries across Europe.

Team Furthr awaited eagerly for the list to be published recently.

Furthr are proud to have supported many of the Top 10 start ups in Ireland, with one Alum client, Sculpted by Aimee, making the 10 Top European start-ups.

Congratulations to all involved! 

Why is this such a big deal? Here’s a little history of how the list is formed.

The start up ecosystem in 2023 has been bustling with activity despite the numerous challenges posed by the global economic landscape. Several companies have managed to rise above these challenges, showing remarkable growth and innovation. This article delves into the journeys of the top 10 start ups of 2023 in Ireland. 

Sculpted by Aimee: Revolutionizing the Beauty Industry

Sculpted by Aimee, an Irish makeup brand, has been redefining the beauty industry since its inception in 2016. The brainchild of makeup artist Aimee Connolly, the brand’s primary aim is to simplify makeup routines for its customers.

Learn more about her hero products here

A Journey Towards Success

Sculpted by Aimee’s journey began in Ireland, where it is now stocked in over 400 stores. Not resting on its laurels, the startup decided to venture beyond Irish borders in 2023. It launched its flagship store in Dublin and marked its entry into the UK market via several Boots locations. The brand also extended its reach to the Middle East.

Key Employee Skills

The team at Sculpted by Aimee possesses a diverse set of skills. With a full-time headcount of 60, the most common job titles include Marketing Executive, Social Media Manager, and Graphic Designer. The most prevalent skills include digital literacy, communication, and teamwork.

The Secret Sauce: Digital Literacy, Communication, and Teamwork

A closer look at the brand reveals a team rich in skills such as digital literacy, communication, and teamwork. Their expertise has been instrumental in crafting effective marketing campaigns, driving sales, and fostering a conducive work environment.

ID-Pal: Simplifying Identity Verification

Next up is ID-Pal. ID-Pal is a Dublin-based startup that allows companies to create customizable, identity-verification procedures. Founded in 2016, ID-Pal has successfully expanded into the UK and the US markets, serving companies across 30 industries.

An Innovative Approach to Identity Verification

ID-Pal offers a solution that conducts multi-layered biometric, document, and database checks, simplifying the identity verification process for businesses.

The Driving Skills: Development Tools, Web Development, and Data Storage Technologies

The ID-Pal team is skilled in development tools, web development, and data storage technologies. Their combined expertise has been crucial in the development and implementation of their unique solution.

Learn more about ID-Pal’s story here:

Two others under the Furthr Microscope…

Gym+Coffee: Making Athleisure Wear More Accessible

Gym+Coffee is an athleisure wear brand based in Dublin. The start up, founded in 2017, has built a strong community around its brand, promoting socialization and exercise.

A Brand with a Unique Ethos

In addition to offering high-quality apparel, Gym+Coffee hosts events and podcasts, creating a comprehensive experience for its customers. This unique approach has contributed significantly to its success and brand recognition.

The Core Skills: Merchandising, Digital Marketing, and Finance

The Gym+Coffee team excels in merchandising, digital marketing, and finance. Their combined expertise has enabled the brand to create a strong presence in the market and drive sales effectively.

Below was an example of their “Make Life Richer” campaign.

&Open: Rethinking Customer Loyalty

Founded in 2017, &Open; is a customer loyalty service that enables companies to send gifts globally. It integrates with popular CRM platforms, promoting relationship building and tracking between companies and customers.

Serving Small Businesses

In 2023, &Open; opened its on-demand platform to make its services more accessible to smaller businesses. This move has helped the startup stand out in the competitive customer loyalty industry.

A Unique Approach to Customer Loyalty

&Open; has transformed the concept of customer loyalty by introducing a tangible way for businesses to show appreciation to their customers. The startup’s on-demand platform, launched last year, supports smaller businesses in accessing their services.

The Core Skills: Business Management, Digital Marketing, and Advertising

The &Open; team holds expertise in business management, digital marketing, and advertising. These skills have been pivotal in promoting the brand and attracting a diverse clientele.

Here’s an Introduction to their new and improved &Open: platform

Others to make the list

Tines, Outmin, Manna Drone Delivery, Deciphex, ICS Medical Devices & Green Rebel complete the impressive list. The story of these start ups, along with the other four, is one of resilience, innovation, and determination. These companies have demonstrated that with the right team, skills, and strategy, it is possible to rise above challenges and achieve remarkable growth.

Conclusion: The Future of Start ups in Ireland

The success of these 10 Irish start ups serves as a testament to the spirit of innovation and resilience in the face of challenges. They have demonstrated that with the right skills, a clear vision, and a tenacious spirit, start ups can thrive and make a significant impact in their respective industries.

The stories of these start ups inspire and motivate aspiring entrepreneurs. They provide valuable insights into the skills required, the challenges faced, and the strategies used to overcome these challenges. They are a testament to the immense potential of start ups in Ireland and a guiding beacon for those who aspire to disrupt industries, create value, and make a lasting impact.

Through this article, we hope to have provided valuable lessons and inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, investors, and here at Furthr, would love to support you on your journey. For start up funding view our funding page.

We’d love to here from you! Get in touch with the team to enquire about how Furthr could help your business.

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