What does the Venture Capital landscape look like in Ireland?

Venture capital firms play a profound role in boosting the growth of Irish start-ups and scale-ups by facilitating start-up funding across different stages.

‍Venture Capital (VC) is a powerful financial vehicle that has the potential to boost the growth of start-ups and scale-ups. In the realm of Irish business, it plays a profound role in nurturing entrepreneurial talent, facilitating early-stage funding options, and fostering an environment conducive to innovation and global competitiveness.

Understanding Venture Capital

Venture capital refers to the infusion of capital by venture capitalists into high-growth, ambitious companies with the potential to develop into significant companies. These investors not only provide financial support but also offer their industry expertise, strategic guidance, and access to their extensive network of contacts.

Unlike traditional bank financing, venture capitalists do not seek scheduled repayment. Instead, they acquire a minority share of the company’s capital in return for their investment. The venture capitalist’s primary goal is to realise their investment, typically within five years, through an Initial Public Offering (IPO), a trade sale, or by having their stake bought out by the company.

Venture capital funds typically invest in companies raising over €500k in equity. These companies should operate within a fast-growing, attractive sector, possess a robust management team, and offer a product or service that addresses a clearly identified problem.

Venture capital firms invest in various businesses at any given time. These firms may focus on a particular sector or have a more diverse portfolio, catering to a wide range of business types. Venture capitalists can invest significant amounts of capital, but expect a high return given the high level of risk involved in investing in early-stage companies. Therefore, not all companies are suitable for venture capital funding.

Limitations of Venture Capital Funding

Obtaining venture capital involves relinquishing a degree of control over your business, as venture capitalists will take an ownership stake in your company in return for their investment and will usually be involved in the company’s governance (e.g., through the board of directors). This will entail a say in the company’s direction and strategy, potentially leading to conflicts in decision-making if there is no clear alignment between the founders and the investors. Therefore, the relationship between a start-up’s founders and a venture capitalist is crucial to success. Lastly, venture capital as a source of finance is largely only suited to companies that have the potential for very significant and fast growth.

Furthr VC

Furthr VC, the venture arm of Furthr, launched its latest early-stage venture fund in late 2019 with the backing of leading Irish technology entrepreneurs and business leaders, as well as Enterprise Ireland. The fund is highly active, investing in Seed to Series A-stage B2B software and MedTech companies in Ireland, with initial investments of up to €650K. Furthr VC invests in and partners with highly ambitious start-up teams developing globally scalable products and services, which are positioned to become the next generation of Ireland’s leading technology companies. In addition to providing institutional capital early on, Furthr VC is a long-term partner to its portfolio companies and can invest up to €3M in a company through subsequent follow-on investment rounds.

The Ireland Strategic Investment Fund

The Ireland Strategic Investment Fund (ISIF) is a critical player in the Irish venture capital landscape. With its patient capital approach and extensive resources, ISIF supports both emerging and established entrepreneurs across Ireland.

The strategic emphasis of ISIF in venture capital is to contribute to a range of funding options, spanning from start-ups to growth equity and Private Equity (PE).

By the end of 2021, ISIF had committed nearly €1.0bn to venture capital partnerships, reflecting a mature and diversified portfolio.

The ISIF seeks to balance its investments predominantly between Intellectual Property (IP)-driven Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and life sciences, recognising the transformative impact of technology across sectors and the emerging opportunities for Ireland.

The manager selection process of ISIF prioritises team experience, diversity, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations, reputation, track record, the firm’s local and international network, and the expected impact on the Irish market.

How Enterprise Ireland assists with Venture Capital Funding

Enterprise Ireland is a government organisation that assists companies in raising venture capital funding to grow their businesses. Although it does not act as a broker, the organisation can provide contact details and specific areas of interest for major Irish venture capital companies.

Furthermore, Enterprise Ireland partners with Venture Capital funds to provide finance. The Seed and Venture Capital Scheme, launched between 2013 and 2018, was designed to improve access to finance for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and further develop the Seed and Venture Capital Industry in Ireland.

Top Venture Capital Funds in Ireland

Some of the key venture capital funds in Ireland include Furthr VC, ACT Venture Capital, Atlantic Bridge, Delta Partners, MiddleGame Ventures, Elkstone, Frontline, Sure Valley Ventures and Fountain Healthcare Partners.

The Future of Venture Capital in Ireland

The venture capital landscape in Ireland is set to evolve, driven by the dynamism of the tech sector, the entrepreneurial spirit, and the supportive role of institutions like ISIF and Enterprise Ireland. As Ireland continues to foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, venture capital will undoubtedly play a critical role in shaping the country’s economic future.


Venture capital plays a pivotal role in Ireland’s economy, nurturing innovation and powering the growth of businesses. While venture capital funding may not be suitable for all businesses, for those with high growth prospects and a robust business model, it provides a significant financial impetus and access to a wealth of industry experience and networks.

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