Furthr VC announces Niamh Sterling as a new Partner

Furthr VC today announces the appointment of Niamh Sterling as Partner. In her new role, Niamh brings extensive experience as an entrepreneur and investment consultant to the Furthr VC team to identify and invest in Ireland’s most promising start-up and early-stage SaaS and Medtech companies, and to actively support investee companies on their scaling journeys.
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Pitch Jam

15th June

Be part of the exciting Pitch Jam event hosted by Furthr and meet dynamic Irish start-ups! This monthly event provides start-ups with a low-pressure opportunity to develop their pitching skills, with 10 minutes of pitching time followed by feedback from a panel of industry experts and audience questions. 

Since 1988, Furthr has provided ambitious founders with everything they need to start and scale their businesses. Furthr offers the most comprehensive range of practical support to entrepreneurs in Ireland. Through our game-changing consultancy, programmes, and events, we guarantee that our innovators will stand before our network of potential investors with confidence.

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Case Studies

An innovative Learning Management System (LMS) In 2020 LearnUpon raised $56m adding 100 jobs to their international team.
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An award-winning start-up that supports fertility through research-based product development
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An Irish e-scooter sharing company currently operating in Ireland, the UK, and Poland.
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